New Gnostic themed/named electronic experimentation tracks left at my Soundcloud site

During the first week of 2012, that fateful year, I have been in a creative fugue.
This is still raw and visceral material, but I do hope you will give it a whirl.

The first, in so many ways. Adamas .

Adamas is one of the name variants you find for man, in particular, in general and in the specific sense; a person, in “gnostic” lore. The
Apocryphon, or Secret Book, of John – has a great recipe for men and women,
as they are being assembles by the microscopic imps the Archons (rulers) in the
laboratory of the Demiurge (half-maker,creator,architecht), each hoping to gain control
of each organ and tissue type, while collectively having “glory” in the new being they had
brought to life, and eventually to fleshly form. That old anthropological scheme, which is a magico-sympathetic one; ancient cultures, even today, believe that particular attention, ritual prayers,sacrifices, purgations, exorcisms, bribes and so on, can bring human or divine control over unruly,lethargic,weakened particular genius locii which still exists within the anatomy of the offspring of first man. We still “believe” tears purify, wind corrupts and sneezing exorcise evil influence…we have small imps banging on anvils with their tiny hammers when suffering through a particular bad consequence of our joie de vivre the night before….

Adamas should somewhere, someplace in all else that it is, as a musical
piece, contain ambiguity, complexity, conflicted powers that move around within some tense anatomy…


The most recent being, Heimarmene


Heimarmene means  fate in Greek . My thought were that of an opening into the irrational rationality of an already accomplished plot winding out as so many cuts of celluloid.
Have you ever felt that this moment, right now, has already been spent – that it is worn
thin, as a thin sheet of film being churned through the cosmic machinery? While Jim Morrison and the Doors made long and epic orgiastic rock opera out of the legend of Oedipus, fate, apart from romantic cliché, has apparently gone out of fashion. We are searching the great big sky full of galaxies opening up by the cryptomagical operations of our technology, and splitting everything, below the limit of the atom, that can be divided down towards the particle or particular one that does not allow itself to be divided, at least according to calculation and perception, we are finding our new fates; the predetermined course of biological life, expanding or imploding universes, the dialectics of capitalism and culture…

I have made a more controlled electronic reel which has more material in it than
will be present in the final cut.


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A new item in my Soundcloud – A Winter Morning Left Untranslated

I have begun sharing images and sounds that have accumulated with me over the last year, lately it is mostly drafts and works in progress.

The new entry I am pleased  enough with to share is

A Winter Morning Left Untranslated

It just appeared, out of the blue, and can only make such sense it does on its own.

So you know, I work with atmospheres – with the dynamic of silence and noise, order and chaos, tender and harsh. You might not like it on the first listen, and it is perfectly plausible you wont like it at all.

I appreciate feedback, if you have any. Thank you.

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I´ve been silent, now I make quiet noise

Been working on some musical projects. Thought I would share them on my old blog,
since I haven´t been inspired to write much recently:
I have shared them with you and the rest of the universe at Soundcloud

Watchmakers dream


Mote and Eye












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A prayer of Vladimir Soloviev to the Divine Sophia

“In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Ain-Soph, Jah, Soph-Iah.
With an unutterable, terrible and almighty name
I adjure the gods, demons,peoples and all living beings.
Gather into one the rays of your power, enclose the source
of your desire and be the participants of my prayer:
let us exert outselves to catch the pure azure of Zion,
let us discover the priceless pearl of Ophira, and may
the roses and lilies be united in the vale of Sharon.
The most holy Divine Sophia, the essential image of
beauty and the joy of the all-high God, the radiant body
of eternity, the soul of the world and the unique queen
of all souls, with the boundlessness of thy unspeakable and
gracious first and beloved son I beg of thee: descend into
the prison of the soul, fill our gloom with thy brilliance,
with the fire of thy love having melted the shackles of
our spirit, present unto us the light and freedom, in a visible
and substantial way manifest thyself unto us, incarnate
thyself in us and in the world, resurrecting the fulness
of the ages, that the deeps may be encompassed and that
god may be all in all.”

Vladimir Soloviev.


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Crux Invictus – Solve et Coagula


With the discovery of an other self, an other soul, an other mind, an other thought –
closer to your self than your “I” ; Space opens itself to an existence which consists
in a dialogue, in a continuous exchange.
But the site has become silence – the world recedes, and no longer affirms itself
in thought, in sensation, in mind, in soul, in self – opening itself to another place,
revealing an absence of reality.

Silence dissolves our relationship with reality objectified – that which engage the senses
and the mind, to make true and affirm objects as the anchors for the real.

The affirmation of the Word became Flesh does not consist in a deterioration or denial
of Spirit: rather the Spirit lifts up, and lifts in – the Body to its own context.
It’s place is Silence, the Incarnation, wherein history expires.

Without object the senses and the mind becomes completely subordinate the Other,
since they no longer maintain a passive observation of things as Being.

The Cross
dissolves the world – with the Incarnation it was fixed to the context of
the Logos, with the Crucifixion the Logos no longer serve as context for the world,
which is why, additionally, the denial of it becomes central to the exoteric religion;
Christ, anointed. New world, New age, New man – a progression towards the Logos
through which everything came into being, through whom it returns to its origin,
and with which it resurrects into being which surpasses the vicarious meaning which
came into being because the world did not receive it, yet it became alive and a source
of light to the entirety, so dimmed and darkened by refusal in ignorance, in Man.
On the other hand, exoteric religion allows the world to be projected upon the Logos, attaching an
ontological “ground” upon a pre-cosmic Being, baptizing it Pantocrator and Rex Mundi;
witness an infant carried out from the womb and sacrified on an altar which is this
earth, this soil, upon which our feet are planted – to a Divinity which is turned into a moral investment,
value to family, value to institution, value to tradition, value to continuity through the
naming and numbering of days,hours,minutes. If you say of a golden calf you have crafted
in the perfection your craft allows you, that it is well-crafted, that is beautiful in kind,
that it’s form evokes thoughts of , for instance, the arrangement of nature, the power
of fertility, the accumulation of worldly riches – you perform no blasphemy in your words,
if you name it God and leave behind everything which raised your gaze, which informed
you directly, which lives in and through you – you perform apostasy, you complete blasphemy.

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Testing out ScribeFire

I am very much on the go these days, so I do not get to write much to my Blog. Rather, it’s a question of
having time to find out or think about something to share with you that is the issue.
Some things on my agenda these days

  • Training for the vocation of Priest in Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia with Right Revd. Jan Valentin Saether. While we are shacked up in a temporary location for our chapel and many things are in transition and unsettled, after 5 years basking in the privileges of being a deacon, and after discussing this with the parishioners on many occasions, I have decided to concentrate on qualifying myself for ordination to the Gnostic Priesthood.
  • Throughout the years I have written thousands of pages of material…stop, well, at least many hundreds. I need to edit, order, proof, amend and finish some of the material. It has been helpful for me both to write it, and to return to it at later stages on my journey in life.
  • Prepare some introductory lectures and possibly even workshops which can open up the fertile landscape of the Gnostic Myth to others.
  • Actually redesign and repurpouse our old Parish website: there are updates to be made, better introduction into what we are doing, as well as a calendar to give an idea of when it’s happening.

First impression of ScribeFire: it works for me, since I am used to using Wordpad. Perhaps I should explain just what ScribeFire is – it is a plugin
application for the Mozilla Firefox browser that enables quick creation and editing of blog posts to most of the popular blog platforms. What I initially looked for was quick and comprehensive access to editing features. It looks like I got that.Perhaps it will help me keep more up to date.

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old bits of news

I am constantly putting off writing anything on this blog. Last time I checked a whole year had gone by.

2007 was actually a year full of small yet significant events. I got the chance to travel in my own country.

I met new people, I quit the dream of ever becoming a librarian, or at least put it all on hold – I got to enjoy

being a sales clerk for a Book shop nearby.

About the Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia parish here in Oslo; We have met every fortnight and during the holy season, and held two baptisms during the autumn, thus concluded ten years (plus) of the Capella Santa Sophia.

Late in December 2007 we moved the Chapel out of Brugata 3 to

a temporal home; charming, functional but cramped.

In 2007 I purchased and enjoyed
The Who:Endless Wire – a concept album which show we cannot quite write off The Who just yet (a dozen worn out albums in our vinyl stack says we wont write them off at all).
Porcupine Tree: Fear of a Blank Planet and the EP Nil Recurring ; I discovered PT relatively late, medio 2004 with Signify, which was from 2001, and must admit I grown into a bit of a fan, and so has my wife, May. We both enjoy good Progressive Rock, challenging and atmospheric Pop/Rock and the more melodic variants of contemporary Jazz, and PT turns out to have all of it and some more. I also got the chance to order Radiohead‘s InRainbows directly on the Internet, both the album and the boxed set (which has a handful tunes on the bonus CD I just wouldn’t want to be without after having listened to the album as a whole on a rather heavy rotation schedule),

Thom Yorke&co have my thanks for a fine musical experience, as well as some amusing headlines in the newspapers.

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my word processor these days


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