Gnostic and Esoteric forums

My interest in Gnosticism,Manichaeanism,the Mystery religions in antiquity,early Christian heresies,Mysticism etc. has brought me to several forums, most of them have a high noise/signal ratio.

Gnosticism I have subscribed to since late 1999, while I have had to see many forums on the subject die, or had to unsubscibe for various reasons, I have been around there for quite some time.

Eglise Gnostique is an online community for those churches in modern time which belongs, in some way or other, to the current of the Gnostic Revival in France during the late 19th century with figures such as Jules Doinel,Papus,Jean Bricaud,Charles Detre etc. at the head. Quite a lot of my confreres in the Gnose, since I have been active in Ecclesia Gnostica since 1995, subscribe to or participate in that forum.

Martinism is a forum dedicated to the study and research in the Initiatory tradition begun by Louis Claude de Saint-Martin at the end of the 18th century and revived by, among others, Papus (Gerard Encausse) in the late 19th century. I am not a Martinist in the sense of having been initiated or being active in a Martinist order, but I consider myself an Reintegrationist, pointing towards the main objective of the Orders – namely to consciously assist in the Reintegration of all Beings into their Origin, in another word, Greek one at that, the Apokatastasis panthon – of which doctrine Origen, Evagrius of Pontus and Gregory of Nyssa are the chief ancient representatives. This forum, like Eglise Gnostique, hosts quite a few Confreres in the Gnose.

Finally I´d like to mention atroubador´s Philosophia forum which is dedicated to the Courtly Love/Troubador/Fedeli de Amore tradition…it has been quite a place growing on me, but things have changed since last year, and there is little activity there..

the aformentioned Gnostic and Esoteric forums are hosted by Yahoo, although I do not agree with the ways the new management are running things, its nice that a lot of other people than myself have also put up with the changes and inconveniences caused by the takeover..