Christianity redeems itself

Christianity (as a culture, or civilization – as whole)
redeems itself of its manifold doctrinal errors in the practise of its religious duty (Praxis).

My reasoning lay in another understanding :
It is neither doctrine, kerygma, ekklesia or tradition/religion that bring salvation – but the Holy Spirit, which is received into man – and from man extends outwards to others, and to the entire cosmos, established upon Wisdom (Sophia).
The Wise, then – according to doctrine,kerygma,the life and ministry of the Katoikon of God (Ekklesia) and its tradition – endeavour to “Seek the Kingdom first“, whereupon all that is necessary and we are in need of – follows with its finding. This Kingdom is established on the Redemption of Wisdom itself, through the reception of the Holy Spirit.
What follows is that the entire cosmos, established upon Wisdom unredeemed, is in need of redemption, and so are we.

What then of the role of Christianity?
It is a continual point of dissension between us humans, when we have received word of the kingdom, a breath of the Gospel, a whisper of the wisdom;
and with gratitude absorbed it and applied it in life – we make sacred within a confined space of ourselves what has already been made sacred in a universal sense.
If we inspect our use of language about such matters as a personal or inherited, “formal” adherence to a religion, we find we expect identification with it will change the way we receive the world and are ourselves received by it – we invest the power and authority over salvation into it, wherever we see it expressed, wherever we expect it, we think of our religion as the domain and agent of God Himself.
You and I might disagree about this quite strongly, yet it is still my understanding that identification with a religion does not necessarely mean that either how we are perceived or how we perceive the world changes. Another argument would be that it _should_ or _ought_ to do so, in order to have been
received itself correctly. We might feel this so strongly that we insist upon it, rejecting all inquiry or

The potentional of Christianity is tremendous, it is vast –
The praxis of Christianity has continued through two thousand years, apart from the strain which it has put on any individual, living in any century of – on a secular; societal and familiar level – it has availed millions towards a more conscious and humane lifestyle. Whatever the controversies have been, whatever indeed has been the inconsistencies in Kerygma,self-identification,even identification of the Praxis/duty of individuals
and whole denominations of Christians have been throughout two thousand years, the wholeness of this religion has exhibited unprecedented fruits and abilities – which many other religions and traditions have absorbed or emulated. Christianity, throughout the trajectories of late antiquity, served as a mediator of this light and its spirit
penetrated through the inert and subconscious layers caused by the degeneration of ancient cosmologies and their analogous intiatory and cultic institutions.

Therefore this writer can attest that the role of Christianity presently has been underestimated and misinterpreted for the good part of three centuries, and that consequently the rapport of certain innovations within occultism and
freethinking, still in the same perspective – falls short of their most coveted mark.

But we shall not be allowed, as Gnostics, to forget what has occasioned it, through Christ, to rise up and out of people like you and I – and why it is _still neeeded_: it has to do with what has happened to our Wisdom,
who were, are and will be – although changed dramatically – the foundation of the cosmoses.

Blogging Hotspots: The Legacy of Henry Corbin

Blogging Hotspots:

The Legacy of Henry Corbin

On the initiative of Professor Tom Cheetham a blogspot has been created for the dissemination and
discussion of the relevance of Henry Corbin’s work today.

Presently the site is quite focused on brief,concentrated bits of excerpts,summaries upon choice
topics from Henry Corbin’s ouevre. It’s quite what I need sometimes and an excellent supplement
for my own study. In the future it will surely attract the posting of events, presentation of papers,
debates and what else which this medium allows. Which I am looking quite forward to.

For anyone interested in the exegetical and philosophical contribution Henry Corbin have made,
especially in the field of esoteric studies and Oriental philosophy – I recommend Cheetham’s
The World Turned Inside Out: Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism, and Christopher Bamford’s
introduction to Henry Corbin’s work, titled Esotericism Today:The Example of Henry Corbin,
in Henry Corbin: Voyage and the Messenger:Iran and Philosophy, North Atlantic Books, 1998,pp XIV-LX.

Apokatastasis Now! – I.(Preface, or cation)

A broadsheet catalogue of dissenters in 1647 APOKATASTASIS NOW!

A Catalogue of the Severall Sects and Opinions
in England and other
Nations: With a brief Rehearsall
of their false and dangerous Tenents
. Broadsheet. 1647

Source:British Museum,1647. Wikimedia.

Soul-searching amidst another age of heresies and dissent.

I. Preface (or Caution)
1: I am talking with you, I am not talking about you.
2:There is no body here but you and I.
3:What goes between us, stays between us.
4:I would not have spoken, if I did not wish you to listen.

5:An old word of advice goes; the way of ascent is precisely the same as the way
of descent. In this situation of ours, that way is language.

First of all,an apology to all of you: I write what I will write –
exercising that freedom,however, is neither the object nor direction that this blog has,
it is not the be all and end all of me, my opinions, or whatever quarrel you and I might
have. Lately I have noticed that I do react to certain trends in the media treatment of
religious conflict, even within Christianity – whose practice redeems itself of its manifold
transitory errors, while leaving us in the green fields of nowhere if we remain deattached
from this selfsame practice. I have been talking about a cross lately, and while to the outsider
hyperbolic and contrived, to the insider it is quite evident that it is not an instrument of
division I speak of, or rather, following the Solve et Coagula sequence, not only division.
The Vision that penetrates the darkest moment of engagement with history and sees through
it into a different landscape, has endured, it has prevailed and survived centuries and millenia
it is not the exclusive property of an elite, nor of an elite culture,religion or civilization.
Redemption and Salvation does not belong to secular law – whatever justice emerges from
secular law depends on a jurisdiction that can only extend to the boundaries of the known,
the revealed and the situational; a judgment that cannot be understood is useless.
Heresy trials, as illustrated by the charming little cartoon over the viles and evils of englishmen
on the footpath to perdition, at least as far as the Privy Council could see it – demonstrates this
situation above all others. Please be adviced I count the contrived Witch trials of europe and the
americas both as participant in the same phenomenon, while we are at it.


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