That`s not what I meant….

In Norway it is considered clever to be able to communicate with
foreigners in the English language. It proves, more or less, that
you had an education, is media-savvy and probably didn`t sleep
through your years in school as well. Our grammar is terrible,
but our vocabulary, however small, is usually correct.
I remember passing by a sign at the Oslo docks saying “Fresh Rakes”
, underneath the sign were a perfectly normal selection of freshly
boiled prawns, the small salmon-pink variety of it we have around the
North Sea… and it brought a smile to my face. I didn´t mean to be
smug about it, it just came out that way….
now,many years later.. I found the webspot dedicated to
Japanese Engrish……
I thought it was fun, don`t ask me why.. 🙂