Books im reading..3

Neil Gaiman:

American Gods..

Shadow is stirred from a sleepy and all but resilient stay in jail. On the same day his captivity ends, he is informed his wife has died in an car accident in the arms of his best friend and employer. On the plane homebound he meets a strange one-eyed gentleman that present himself as Wednesday, who offers to employ him as a bodyguard. Reluctantly Shadow accepts and discovers his employer is more than what meets the eye… but so is America.

There is a storm coming, and its name is War.

Gaiman has tapped into the “collective unconscious” of America and particularly the strange fact that the majority of blood that is running through her veins originates, through invisible arteries, from all over the world.. where man is, there you will find his gods, and as man finds himself to be an alien, a stranger in paradise, and also discovers the great struggle it is to survive on new soil, so will his gods…

I recommend the book most warmly and must say it was a fantastic experience to read it.

As I am a Gnostic, I also feel impelled to cite from one of the books from that particular religion:

God made human beings,and in turn,human beings made god. Just so,in the world human beings make gods and bow down to their products, it would be more fitting for the gods to worship human beings– The Gospel according to Philip, tr. Bentley Layton:The Gnostic Scriptures.