I have been neglectful of this online journal thing.

It appears to be tendential for anyone who has worked with it,

except if they are 24/7/365 dedicated online.. something I sure

don`t aspire or want to do…

A word about 2003 – I entered into the new year with work to do and

more or less an open mind.. I also entered the new year with a distinct

sensation that the world would go “insane” pretty soon, because of the

political insurrectionists up there in Washington, London &c

Its 30.01.2003 …still the kettle is boiling.. did I hear a whistle…

I`ve been meaning to keep still and know that God is God, possibly even great (I wont enter the koranic inference here, lest some bozo thinks its some kind of coded message) … In the face of such adversity, and the nature of it, a lot of people would be adviced well and good to pursue the iron discipline of such attitude, which is never passive.. but no, we can hardly expect that, can we?