nice one

Someone posted a “Get Rich Quick” ad as a comment to my blog…

This Shartell fellow wants me to send him 6 dollars in stamps and he promises I will receive money in the mail.. I don`t know what to think of this…or rather, I do. The article were about subversive individuals who hack ISP and domain name providers and replace their clients contents with *illegal* material.

Read as a response its amazingly frivolous. But I expect its just another program produced by some kind of clever bastard who think its a good idea to hand it over to the kind of “marketing” industry we have on the Net. But the thing is, this stuff isnt real – theres no money in it for me, and no money in it for the perpretators of the scams…only loss of bandwidth and a nanosecond irritation before we remove or delete it. First comment in months, and what does it say – that I should get quick by getting rid of some extra cash I might be handling.. which I don`t. *sigh*

One thought on “nice one

  1. Looks like Leonid/Lolita At Whoever he is.. wants to drag mine and my readers attention to a little business of his own.. A short commentary here, yes, your generous scamming offer will hit the google and lycos archives.. Will it now that I have posted your ISP no here as well as attesting the event, bring any infamy on me? I don`t sodding believe it..

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