Quitting the Gnostic Heresy forum

Amazing as it might seem, I just haven`t the patience or time to participate in the kind of discussion the Gnostic Heresy forum offered. Im not even sure I would recommend it to anyone. Throughout my 9 years on the Internet I have been interested in discussions on the theme of Gnosticism, Gnosis, Hermeticism, the Western Mystery tradition, Esotericism, the Hermetica, Kabbalah and so forth. Still my fondest memories where with Lee Irwin`s bark Hermetica, David Fideler`s Alexandria journal readers forum and Dean Edwards original Gnosis list which spawned the Gnosis Archive in its day (edited by Thomas Leavitt at that time, consisting of faq`s, tidbits, extracts from scriptures, news and rumours)..now it is the homepage for the Gnostic Society, Ecclesia Gnostica and home for the Gnostic Virtual Library which I began working on independently in 1994.

I also have fond memories from my time in the Rosicrucian Free-Speech Forum , to which I was invited, despite of the fact I am not a Rosicrucian nor aspire to become one.

But alas, I think I will let that particular list “Gnostic Heresy” go past..