Towards Easter

I have had a busy two weeks, with job and moving. I guess im finished with the worst. Although to my horror I have discovered the new appartment doesnt have any space for my old Powermac. I`ve decided to make a backup of my ridiculously large document archive and port the whole thing to a projected new hardrive for the PowerBook G3 I inherited last spring. The future of the PowerMac8200/110Mhz and its ridiculous 17″ monitor (it looms, I think the depth of the monitor must be twice the screen size or something…a sharp contrast to the modern flat High-Density screens available for the newer Mac`s these days) is undecided, I only know I have no place for it anymore and when I have upgraded the PowerBookG3 (its an pre-USB/Firewire version) to full USB and SCSI compatibility I have no need of a stationary computer.

In the midst of everything the long prophesied crusade into Babylon occurs.. synchronistically to my reading up on the complex subject of Catharism. As far as I can determine the big thrust is done with, we only wait to see the repercussions.

Then there is Easter – last Maundy Thursday (2002) I continued my journey through the Minor Orders of Ecclesia Gnostica to the order of Doorkeeper after almost a years stasis in the function of Cleric by ordination at the hands of Jan Valentin Saether, who has served as Priest for our Parish in Oslo since 1995, which I have participated since its unofficial inception the autumn of that year- come next Thursday I will have been an Exorcist since September 29th last year, which is to say for almost half a year. If my counting is correct we are 2 exorcists, 3 readers and 1 doorkeeper in minor orders in our Church currently, very steady and dedicated all of them. Many of whom I am very proud to be in service of the Altar with. The last year I have been struggling with my priorities with regard to writing, this coming spring and summer I hope to dedicate one afternoon of the week exclusively to studies,writing and a mass of editing which is just waiting for some serious work.

Towards Easter, I wish everyone peace and wellbeing in accord with that peace which resides up on high and from which all harmony and calm emanate towards us in minute particles in time. I also pray for God`s blessing of the entire community of dedicated Christians, whoever they may be – and especially my Gnostic brethren and sistren in the Gnostic Ecclesia as we enter the passage from suffering and death into the glorious resurrection on the third day and the triumphant ascension, and the mystical descent of the Holy Spirit, our holy mother of compassion and the promised comforter of every man who has entered into the world.

Pax Pleromae