Ironically, surrounded by these critters everywhere at my job at the Zoological Museum in Oslo.. they still serve as a metaphor for what I am feeling inside. An expert procastignator who have neglected again to check the balances of future employment.. A lot of stuff has happened here since last time I mentioned my job in this blog.. chiefly, a conflict has arisen between the University in Oslo`s Information Technology department and the three big Museums of Natural History.. the ORACLE-based database into which I register the contents of our diverse collections of bugs,ants and other crawlies, is one of the bones of contention.. I have noticed a series of issues with the database which if it were a commercial product or service would have been ironed out during the test phase.. unfortunately, in the institutional culture of the universities – necessary and continued use of the databases in all their incarnations.. constitute the testing phase.. ladies and gentlemen, I am confined to doing my live`s work on Alpha technology and no user support. But not for long…. I guess it is panic speaking, but I no longer care what my employment shall be, only it does not devour me and spit out a dead shell of some kind. Three weeks from now, optimistically speaking, I could report from any kind of employment that does not demand 20 years education and anything higher than a high-school diploma.. 🙂 But hasn`t the Master said “Do not be concerned from morning until evening and from evening until morning about what you will wear.”

The Gospel of Thomas, Logion 36, Lambdin`s translation.