…Goodbye Adobe Photoshop

CreativePro`s came with the rather expected news that now that Steve Job and his techie stormtroopers at Apple have decided to drop support for us faithfull but poor “old school” Mac users who presently can`t afford to buy another computer (and in fact, for a long while now…wont have to) that – Adobe will Drop OS 9 support in the next major Photoshop Release

Let me just say this: I survived 3 years with PS3.1 and another 2 with PS5 .. and PS7 has such a smorgasbord of features and improvements that I am not likely to “suffer” much from this standoff. I notice the eMacs go for about the same price as the low-range economy computers.. If I ever get the office space at home, I`d might consider between purchasing a brand new Mac and yesterday`s Intel box.. 🙂

Which is to say, I am not abandoning Adobe Photoshop.. I`ll just stick with the “old new technology” and see whats up.. PS: Did you know it is possible to write a perfectly good letter in MS Word version 6 ….and design a perfectly good flyer in Version 3.1 of Quark Xpress? ..And that clients don`t care if the tool you have is silver and sports bells and whistles?

2 thoughts on “…Goodbye Adobe Photoshop

  1. Nope. All my old software sucks, its much better to use new versions that slow my not-so-new machine down 😉

  2. Notice the ref. to MSWord 6, which was a monster in its own right, and must inform you that MS Word 5.1 is not only still usable, but a best choice for people doing page layout for ,pdf. The Web had not yet appeared in l992, so 5.1 is organized for book layout editing, and does a great job.

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