New Gnostic Blog – Ecclesia Gnostica in Nova Albion (Canada)

I just discovered that my old friend from all dem gnostic discussion lists, Jordan Stratford, has started a blog called
Ecclesia Gnostica in Nova Albion
A Voice for the Traditional and Apostolic Gnostic Communities in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia
. I have added it to the Index presently.

The most recent post cites Revd. Steven Marshall, of Ecclesia Gnostica’s homily on the feast of Epiphany.
Here Revd. Marshall cites the Seven Sermons to the Dead by
Carl Gustav Jung – “In the immeasurable distance there glimmers a solitary star on the highest point of heaven. This is the only God of this lonely one. It is his world, his pleroma, his divinity…This star is man’s god and goal. It is his guiding divinity; in it man finds repose. To it goes the long journey of the soul after death; in it shine all things with the brilliance of a great light. To this One man ought to pray. Such a prayer increases the light of the star. Such a prayer builds a bridge over death. It increases the light of the microcosm; when the outer world grows cold, this star still shines.”
This particular sermon is also delivered in the Requiem service for the dead in Ecclesia Gnostica, wherein we are also reminded that the voyage towards transformation neither begins with this earthly life, nor is terminated at the end of the present physical incarnation.

I look forward towards following Jordan Stratford’s weblog, and wish him and his loved ones all protection, wisdom, sustenance, empowerment and strenght in the New year.