Stephan Hoeller’s meditation on the Tsunami disaster

With all my school blues these days, Stephan Hoeller’s contribution to the debate over the consequences of the Tsunami in South-East Asia went completely by me.
I thought I should share it with you, now that I have found it. Thanks, Jeremy for letting me know about it on your weblog.

Gnosis at a time of disaster.
A meditation on the Earthquake-Tsunami disaster of 26 December 2004

“On the day after Christmas of last year, a gigantic earthquake accompanied by a tsunami took the lives of thus far over 150,000 human beings in an area extending from Indonesia to Somalia. A natural catastrophe of unique scope visited humanity, and causes us to reflect on its possible meaning and implications. Questions are being raised by people of many faiths and of none. Most of these may be summed up in one word:“Why?””
begins Stephan Hoeller’s meditation.

One thought on “Stephan Hoeller’s meditation on the Tsunami disaster

  1. Every time a disaster happens, people seem to ask ‘How could God allow that’. The (largely OT) presentation of God does not sync with the ‘God is Love’ concept most of us are taught. Of course, when one explains the concept of the Demiurge, people tend to find themselves saying “Hey, that makes sense…”

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