Passing the exam on Recent History

I am not sure if I have told you all, but I am trying to qualify for the University College in Oslo and a bachelorate of Library Science. To reach that end I have to take up all the courses that slipped me by when I took a crafts education for culinary arts.

That means at the end of this semester and the next I will have to pass, with good grades, 11 finishing exams. This semester 6.. I am halfway and got my second, at all, grade A, yesterday..

It was gratifying to feel that the censor and examiner listened attentatively and interested to what I had to say about the reasons and consequences of the First World War (the European war, that is), while feeling quite unprepared and nervy. Being on edge apparently works for me, as I have found that working under pressure is much better than having a loose deadline on everything.