The Fravartis pt.10

Daena II continued.

Agathos Daimon is considered in many traditions of both the occident and the orient to be the Initiator of all souls.

This presence has jurisdiction over all initiations – before the portal of any Mystery it asks and it receives.

In the Mazdean hermeneutic Agathos Daimon is considered the direct initiator of Zharathustra, it is from Agathos Daimon he receives the mysteries of Divine Wisdom, which he becomes

a custodian and “prophet” of. This Agathos Daimon, in context with the earlier terminology, is none other than Daena. She is the Anima Coelestis; Heavenly “I” and Supernal selfhood. The aforementioned initation served as a foretaste of the Transfiguration of the Earth into its internal and celestial vision through its Angel (Spenta Armaiti,Spendarmat- “our Sophia“) – as well as the meeting between the Soul on its Journey and the Angel Daena, daughter of our Sophia – at the fateful entrance of the Chinvat Bridge. Daena is both the “Visionary Soul” and the Visionary Organ of the Soul – serving as a vision of the celestial

world when it is lived. She correlates to the Action which is born out of Thought (over which presides Spenta Armaiti) and which is sister to Word(over which

presides Ashi Vanuhi, the Mistress over the “Abode of Hymns”). She is the face representing the activation of the Celestial earth of vision as a ruling prinsciple

within the soul, once it has chose its own “Sophianity”.