The Fravartis pt.12

“The soul is again invited to experience another
intuitive anticipation by Daena´s other sister <Corbin
described the ritual celebration of Zarathustra´s Daena as
an anticipatory vision of his future meeting, as a
Soul on Its Journey, with her on the bridge of
Chinvat>, the Angel Ashi Vanuhi, who also, in the trilogy
of the powers described above, serves as mediatrix
between Spenta Armaiti, whose daughter she is, and Daena,
whose sister she is. Her attributes resembles theirs:
she is also an “daughter of Ahura Mazda, and sister
of the Archangels “Yazatas”;
she takes on the
form of a proud and beautiful maiden, her girdle tied
high, pure, noble, and
Corbin:Spiritual Body…pp.43

“In Eran-Vej, that is medio mundi, Zarathustra also meets the Angel Ashi Vanuhi.
This event is strikingly described in Yasht XVII. The
Angel-Goddess, driving her chariot of Victory, is invoked as
all-powerful and as herself possessing Xvarnah (Light of Glory).This Iranian Gloria Victrix is
indeed the sister of the Nike of the
Greek statuary (those “Victories” who, principally owing to
Gnostic influence, were the origin of the Angel in early
Christian iconography).Then, erect on her triumphal chariot,
she invites Zarathustra to approach, to mount and sit beside her:
Thou art beautiful, O Zarathustra, thou art very fair ..
to thy body Xvarnah is given and to thy soul lasting
bliss. Behold, thus I proclaim it to thee..

the Angel Ashi Vanuhi possesses and bestows Xvarnah,
the Light of Glory, bur at the same time she herself
is the Victory, the victorial Fire. In her person
are concentrated the significance both of Glory and
of Destiny, the Aura Gloriae of a being of

Corbin:Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth,pp.44
I would be neglectful of my own inheritance as a Norseman, If I did not compare Zarathustra´s journey with the Queen of Victory with what fares a warrior when he has died in battle, namely that he is
approached by the Valkyries who bring him safely to his home
in Valhall. I am also reminded of how Abraxas is sometimes depicted on ancient “gnostic” gemstones, as riding a Chariot..he is also a “Victor”; he has overcome his “destiny” as twin-brother and officer to Ialdabaoth – and converted according to his own Sophianity.. She is called “Angel of the Paradisial abode”. An assitant to Spenta Armaiti, who is the Abode of the Choosers, the Knighthood of Sophia.