Upon Ascension Day. Christ, Protect Us All against all false guidance

This Thursday we commemorate the triumphant ascension of The Christ. Wherein he left history and the boundaries of time behind.
Wherein he also allowed his beloved upon the earth to move in and through the promised kingdom while incarnate and in the throes of darkness, pain and under the shadow of death.

Wherein he offered up his part on hehalf of his disciples so they may receive the Holy Comforter, through which they will live and have their being, like he had life and being through them.

The Logos is prior to the world. The Logos remain unassailed by all the powers which exist, in matter and in the mind. The Logos remain the Truth and Glory of the unvanquished race of Man. A Living Presence, ever immanent, ever descending, ever ascending in and through Mankind. The Logos is the marrow of the bones, the iron in the blood – air in the breath – of Man. The Logos is the true friend of all men and women who are born into this world overshaddowed by a malicious enemy, of both God and man.Anathema upon the Counterfeit Spirit who build myriad temples to his vain glory.
Where the man threads air, travails the invisible ladder beyond all horizons – the Spirit remains the crowned King of all those who live and breathe, all those who glory in the glory of First Primal Man, the design and the essence of the human race, far superior to the races of angels and spirits – since the Logos deigned to enter into them and reveal unto the All that which it had promised from the beginning, whose purpouse,intent and compassionate will the Unknown

Father had for Him.

The First Book of Ieou (from the Bruce Codex)

The apostles said to him: ” Speak to us, O Lord, that we may hear thee. We have followed thee with our whole hearts. We have left behind father and mother, we have left behind vineyards and fields, we have left behind goods and the greatness of kings, and we have followed thee, so that thou shouldst teach us to know the life of thy father who has sent thee”

The living Jesus answered and said : “The life of my Father is this : that you receive your soul from the race of understanding mind, and that it ceases to be earthly and becomes understanding through that which I say to you in the course of my discourse, so that you fulfil it and are saved from the archon of this aeon and his persecutions, to which there is no end.

But you, my disciples, hasten to receive my word with certaintiy so that you know it, in order that the archon of this aeon may not fight with you – this one who did not find any commandment of his in me – so that you also, my apostles, fulfil my word in relation to me, and I myself make you free, and you become whole through a freedom in which there is no blemish. As the Spirit of the Comforter (Parakleiton) is whole, so will you also be whole, through the freedom of the spirit of the Holy Comforter.”

In the same scripture – is given us:

“These mysteries that I shall give you, guard them, do not give them to any man unless worthy of them; do not give them to father or mother, to brother or sister or relative. Guard them; do not give them to anyone at all for the sake of the goods of the whole world. Do not speak to anyone of these mysteries of the Treasury of the Light, save to those who shall be worthy of them, having left the whole world and all its affairs, being in no faith other than the Faith of the Light, listening to one another and treating one another as Sons of the Light.”

Would only we be able to discern correctly between our interest in the world and our interest in the Pleroma. That we treat eachother according to righteousness, justice and always within the jurisdiction of true love. That our walk in life be undisturbed by the archons, interior as well as exterior, out of the body as well as incarnate. That each fragile man and woman be guarded perfectly from the lure and the oppressive violence of the servants of the rulers of this world. That our eyes see exactly that which is spiritually there and not be charmed by the father of lies.

The occasion of this rather involved post is that again it has come to my knowledge a tremendous abuse of the word and that which is associated with, namely, the simple word “Gnostic” – this word was so guarded, so potentionally harmful on account of the flagrant arrogance which it might produce in the hearts of those using it on themselves, as individuals or members of a community or a sect, that those which history has called “Gnostics” never used the Greek term “Gnostikos” on themselves. The possessors of Nasirutha, the Mandaean or ancient Aramaic corollary to the term “Gnosis” or “Gnostic wisdom”, remained anonymous to every profane individual, even members of the same religion and people.

The reason is to be found in the way Gnosis is received. It is neither collective nor properly a social commodity, it is not to be regarded as produced out of intellect, nor fidelity, nor moral or physical perfection. It is not a product of conditoned evolution.

It has no quality which is comparable to anything of the quality of this present world, nor the heavens between it and the Treasury of Light. It is truely miraculous, undiscernable, unproven and vulnerable to all and every kind of mockery. It is neither rational in this potency or another unknown potency, yet it possesses characteristics which weds it to the spiritual centre of man wherever and whenever it is received. It is wholly accountable to Grace. Nothing else has jurisdiction over it, nothing else speaks of it, nothing else facilitates it. Submission to the interior will of God, which is revealed when each and every one of us have emptied ourselves of the prejudices which cause violence to be done upon the Sacred in our lives, in our hearts and in our intellects – is the only step forwards to it. Such a step, as I have said before, is a step away from all that we associate with the world, including our profane personalities. Consider these personalities valuable, consider them stories on the story tree, consider them episodes in the most enigmatic of soap operas..if you will. But observe how fast they are all drained in the face of the most sublime of mysteries, how little we thirst after any particular detail which they have to offer us, how little we long to unify ourselves to them.. we have left the devil behind, and we are unlike dogs, again we become sober and when we have become sober we do not allow ourselves to return to that which we have vomited up.

Jeremy at Fantastic Planet reports on a recent episode which has reached the courts in Washington State, USA (Seattle?). A certain individual had organized a type of self-help centre for people with ambitions towards supermanhood, towards becoming “gods”, towards awakening from a meek semi-religious, confused post-modern condition of spiritual inertia towards all the undreamed of potentionalities of the grand “New Age”. It is reported he predated upon those with whom he had gained confidence, without regards for themselves, he meddled with reference to “sexual energies” which needed neutralization. Indeed, he thought it was his “perfect” self that should provide such neutralization. Apart from being absolute “flapdoodle”, which I should hope people are intelligent enough to steer away from – but one thing is this philosophy exposed for what it is, another is whatever is packaged by charisma and rhetoric by this perpetrator.

It matters little that I or Jeremy or any other so-called “neo-gnostics” testify that we are apalled and confused by the use this person made of the term “Gnostic”, for those hurt by this gentleman, whatever is “Gnostic” will be associated with the transgressions he wrought against them for his own satisfaction. Would we not agree that this activity is harmful, that it can even be said to be diabolic?

I admit the Gnosis turns the world upside down. If you turn something upside down, details you have ignored will become visible. You know already the whole picture from the convenient and usual angle, turned upside down we recognize there are things we have missed. Some of these are significant. If you admonish someone to turn around and reorient themselves, without taking care to admit first hand that it is a solitary and perhaps exhaustingly lonely journey back towards a wholeness which resemble that which you live – you are actually doing violence to their souls. They will damage themselves, failsafe. If you ask someone to become empty, without knowing the nature of their “fullness”, you are in fact asking them just to lower their defences. Psychological defenses, although obstacles in the whole and complete journey towards ourselves, are of vital importance and should always be respect, albeit paid compassionate attention by all friends, all family, all fellow seekers.. all “guides” and hierophants. We are not fully aware all the time. I repeat this, we are not fully aware, we would like to be, it is a neat and precious ideal, it sounds quite good to be like that. Bigtime supermen and superwomen who can zoom though life completely independent from all the hangups and mechanisms of fear which govern the life of the majority of mankind. In the hands of certain individuals, the wisdom of Assagioli – who cared about his fellow human beings and were deeply emphatic to their suffering, equally Jung and other researchers in the conscious and unconscious of mankind – become weapons of extortion. In the care of certain individuals, the Good News of the Gospels become poison. From the mouths of certain individuals, words like freedom bear barbs and fangs.

I am acutely reminded of the event of the Ascension leaving the disciples in a confused and disturbed agitation over what will become of them now that their master has left them. Yes, indeed, Jesus arose never to return bodily into history. All pretenders have been proven false prophets, by the wear and tear of the ages, so I dare say this. But in the place of this presence, so ambigious because some of the disciples indeed developed an impression of him as someone he was not (see my post On the Capacity of Visionary Participation)

– came our Holy Comforter, came our Hope of Glory, came the challenge of all the false witnesses, who assembled like a great storm and threatened to tear us apart – came the mild and ever loving Holy Spirit in whom we have, in each in our lives, already encountered. That was the time when Gnosis was introduced into the world with a strength I dare say the generations before had not felt, as the witness in the Letter to the Hebrews professed – before you have received voices intoning messages from a distance, now the Gnosis has taken a body and walked among you, and when that body ascended to the Kingdom it had promised you, it took a dwelling in you and with you – just as God had vacated the Temple destroyed by the Persians, and taken up a dwelling among His people.