Paul Sedir on Jesus

This is a brief little quotation from Paul Sedir (Yves Leloup), a mystic who for a while was oriented towards the Eglise Gnostique of Jules Doinel (he was one of the three young men, Tau Jules (Doinel) saw in a vision as those assigned to be his future presbyters; the other two were Lucien Mauchel (Chamuel/Tau Bardesane)and Gerard Anaclet Encausse (Papus/Tau Vincent). There are stories about Sedir to the effect that he never lost opportunity to speak with and teach new souls about the spiritual life and the great necessity for a turning around of our lives especially in this day and age, that he walked many miles during a strike in Paris to lecture for one single person, that he followed his conscience and inner intuition on basically every choice he made. Also, he left behind both the Martinist Order and the Eglise Gnostique in order to be consistent with his own spiritual path – a choice apparently his former confreres respected him for.

This is Sedir’s remark on the trends during the early 20th century, to rewrite, redirect and reconstruct basically the entire Gospel in order for it to fit with their Masonic,Spiritualist or Theosophical preconceptions of the Christ;

“Jesus was never an Essene; all that Jacolliot and Notovitch tell about travels and initiations in India is part of their fantasy; Jezeus Christna are impossible words in Sanskrit. Christ did not, as claimed in the Talmud, steal the Tetragram from the Temple in Jerusalem; He never needed lessons or training. In Egypt, when he was three years old, he made what we call miracles by

setting free enchained souls. He was a man, yes; but that man – perfect – contained the whole

of divine Light.”

Kudos to Elias Ibrahim for letting me know, it is from a collection of writings by Sedir only recently translated to English.