Sophia as Palingenesis – Nasiruddin Tusi

Nasiruddin Tusi speaking of what becomes of the faithful adept after he has ascended above the Limit:

“His thought becomes an Angel proceeding from the archetypal world,

his speech becomes a spirit proceeding from this Angel,

his action becomes a body proceeding from this spirit.”

The Gnostics discovered a new axis, a new pole of orientation – embedded, against all reasoning, in the substantiality of manifest being. This new centre of being is the central mystery of existence. Approached by human beings, it becomes a human being – but it is wholly Divine and not delimited to human form. Some call her the Anima Mundi, others the Hochma, others again Shekinah – the Gnostics called her Sophia and said of Her;”She is the mother of all the Angels”.

We too, look towards the Assumptio Sophiae, the ascent of Sophia into Her own. We do so, because we participate in Her life, as surely as She participates in ours.