The Fravartis added in own section

If you haven’t catched my series on the Fravartis in Mazdean Gnosis and its relation to the Gnostics’ Path, I have now added a sub-category for the series.

The substance matter for the series is the erudite meditation on the theme which goes throughout most of Henry Corbin‘s Spiritual Body, Celestial Earth. The latter of course a heartfully recommended work on the continuity of Gnostic themes from pre-historic Zoroaster, through Suhravardi‘s Oriental Theosophy of Light to more recent developements of Ismailism. I have considered beginning a series of meditations on the theme of the Imago Templi as found in Imago Templi in Confrontation with the Profane, found in the excellent “final” anthology of Henry Corbin’s last papers Temple and Contemplation, but will probably settle for a review of the theme of Inner Man,the Man of Light in Gnostic, Christian Esoteric and Sufi perspective – with Henry Corbin’s Man of Light in Iranian Sufism as one of the primary sources.