A bit slow posting, and some good news

Almost three months since last post. Thought I should tell my friends, and other readers of this blog that I am currently doing final exams, qualifying me for studies in Library and Information Studies at the University College of Oslo, it is going very well – but it takes basically all my time.

On Friday the 9th December we (me and my fiancee May) will celebrate ourselves (5 years together) and marry at the Civil court in Oslo, I hope for good weather and good cheer. The original plan were to do it next summer, but when things are going so well, why wait any more?

From January onwards to August the plan is to get a job in a library, collection or archive somewhere in the vicinity.

Last exam is on Monday the 5th December, the one I have dreaded the most due to complexes I contracted early on in my education – Maths, but I feel I shall do better than I have done ever before with the topic.

Not sure how much posting I will be able to do after this, but will at least try to catch up with some correspondence and reply to comments.