Blogroll update

Finally Gnostics blogging is a deserved category for my blogroll. I am very happy to see Reverend Father Troy Pierce, of Ecclesia Gnostica in Salt Lake City onboard. with his blog The Path of Gnosis From what I have read so far,it looks very promising. I just love to get a handle on more perspectives and approaches, especially within my “own” Church tradition, and there are quite a variety of those. I was fortunate to meet Reverend Father Lance Owens of Ecclesia Gnostica SLC when Bishop Stephan Hoeller visited us and ordained me a Deacon, I felt it was quite a privilege. I heard many good things about Troy, who at that time was a Deacon like me. I am also very excited about the Gnostic Calendar that he has worked on and finally published, me and Reverend Father Jan Valentin Saether has been discussing the possibility of making something like it for years, but as with a lot of other things it never went past planning stage. There are some sobering posts about the issue of freedom and liberation, from a Gnostic perspective, in lieu of Epiphany, on his weblog right now, so if I was you I would go and take a look.

Added to the Blogroll is also Marsha‘s blog Emerald City Gnosis.She is a member of the Seattle, Washington parish of Ecclesia Gnostica, ministered to by Reverend Father Sam Osborne . I just discovered she has a secondary blog, Rain City Gnosis, so im going to check it out later.

Also, check out Coe”s Gnostic related blog Enormous Fictions, added a bit late to my Blogroll.

Lastly, I think I should mention Jeremy‘s brainchild The Palm Tree Garden online Gnostic community. In some sense I have been member of different “online” communities with a Gnostic theme since I began using the Internet in 1994. One of the most interesting ones where an experiment that Lee Irwin organized, the “bark” Hermetica, where every participant attempted to get personal and creative about spiritual and philosophical matters that mattered to them. I see some semblance to that in the forum for the Palm Tree Garden now, and I hope I will find time to participate in the discussions and other activities myself.