Know – Be – Do

Point of departure from consciousness to consciousness
From an Hierarchial, on a Vertical level
to an Open structure (the “Circle”/Circumference) , on a Horisontal level

The Angel communciates with the Angel
The Man communicates with another
The Soul exists as much between us as in us – its
sign of vitality and life is movement between states;
there is a way from a confined way of cyclic movement, to
a free, inclusive and expansive way of cyclic movement.

The reality of the Aeon is a living revelation – from a singular, solitary
and temporary visitation towards a true reflection of the Pleroma itself.

Our proliferation begins with steadfast dedictation – a living “sacrifice”
– not of integrity, but of whatever is detained by our sitation in this world
, it continues with a persisting devotion towards the work itself, a thankfulness – this thankfulness can be shared with others without a word being uttered, without a jot of
explanation – a thanksgiving shared between two – spread out.

This action creates a new ground for our relationship with others

thus having sucessfully overcome the condition, the predicament – the strategies in the mind which resists and reproaches intimacy at this level; our stay – our resolve – our emphatic participation – becomes exemplary as well as mediatory;if we decrease the distance between each other (I mean every one of “us” – that is
humanity, expand it beyond humanity as far as you wish and can, but this is the important thing) in value , in judgement, in celebration (we constantly celebrate the fact of our friendships, our intimacies, our relationships, our “affiliation”- with our closest friends and this is to some degree the substance of our friendships,intimacies and relationships; even if we must fight battles, climb mountains, overcome terrible trials, and suffer the most cruel persecution – all in ourselves; because of our selves – or in spite of it) – we begin to function in this capacity, and this capacity is a mighty and wondrous thing with human beings; for which reason we have survived to this day.

When we forget to remember not to forget – the essential thing – which is to hold, to reside in, to take “shelter” in the True – not as an abstraction, but as the experienced reality, which informs anything lasting, anything valued, anything worth our bother in this world – we loose our self, and when we loose this self, we loose another; we are enstranged because we are enstranged to ourselves.

The first portal to the City of Seven Portals is the answer to the question;WHO AM I? – the further we are from our selves, the more we have forgotten of all that we have received already – the more complex, neurotic and compromised is the path back to the starting point; all the while this is the remembrance of the most basic of all our conscious actions (“thoughts”) – the Silence.

When we loose hold of this knowledge, we loose hold of any consciousness, any awareness concerning that which we do, that which we know, that which our senses bring back to us, that which is subjected to us through the body – that which we are.