disappearance/reappearance – Gnosis Archive

The Gnosis Archive is online again.
First impression is that it will take a little reconstruction work.
It also gave me a moments pause – it actually means something
that both “our side of the story”, that contemporary human beings
respond to, rediscover deep meaning,have a sense of affiliation
with a two thousand year old hushed down,slandered religious
,philosophical and metaphysical tradition – and find a praxis and a
reorientation in it – as well as the fact of these texts, the access
to them in the English language, would become lost.

The Gnosis Archive developed in tandem with my social interaction
and continued dialogue with people who have gone through the same
experiences,troubles and triumphs that I had gone through: In the
autumn of 1994 I met several subscribers of the Gnosis magazine
in a forum dedicated to on-topic/off-topic banter in the ambience
of the topical issues of that magazine; one of the first to present a
less sectarian, less biased, less doctrinaire investigation of the Western mystical traditions… from those discussions, from that exchange of material – an affluence accrued,grew – Thomas Leavitt put it on a site
on the server of his company, Web Communications. Eventually Right Revd.Lance Owens took over editing, announcements was made for the lectures Dr.Stephan Hoeller held at the Gnostic Society, about mid-1996 I was exasperated with the Societas Gnostica Norvegia webpages, I was trying, after all,to create,to make way for a physical space for communication and exchange – so I donated what was then a significant amount of material of transcribed material to the Gnostic Society Virtual Library, from that project/site.
In that way, countless hours spent musing over the wisdom of these tradtions travelled across Atlantic and into a legacy which was greater than anything I could have made on my own. I am very relieved that we are on the way of recovering it. Pax Pleromae