Blogging Hotspots: The Legacy of Henry Corbin

Blogging Hotspots:

The Legacy of Henry Corbin

On the initiative of Professor Tom Cheetham a blogspot has been created for the dissemination and
discussion of the relevance of Henry Corbin’s work today.

Presently the site is quite focused on brief,concentrated bits of excerpts,summaries upon choice
topics from Henry Corbin’s ouevre. It’s quite what I need sometimes and an excellent supplement
for my own study. In the future it will surely attract the posting of events, presentation of papers,
debates and what else which this medium allows. Which I am looking quite forward to.

For anyone interested in the exegetical and philosophical contribution Henry Corbin have made,
especially in the field of esoteric studies and Oriental philosophy – I recommend Cheetham’s
The World Turned Inside Out: Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism, and Christopher Bamford’s
introduction to Henry Corbin’s work, titled Esotericism Today:The Example of Henry Corbin,
in Henry Corbin: Voyage and the Messenger:Iran and Philosophy, North Atlantic Books, 1998,pp XIV-LX.