Biographical fragments i. Sound, Music, Noise

The use of sound to communicate has subconsciously engaged me since early age.
I have been perfectly comfortable about allowing input to come from outside.
The radio, the television set.Melody and rhyme. The beat of the drum and the human heart. All colored in blank spaces in my mind. Eventually my consciousness slipped into places full of sound, and occasional fury, their architechture immediate,elusive and flowing. Palaces and gardens of sand,  seas of subatomic motes swarming. Spaces of strange calm and tension. With no medium to fixate, these audiovisual apparitions appearantly dissolved into silent memory.
Teen age happened. My elders played electric guitar. Some even attacked drums and percussion. Their fingers and knuckles raw and bloody.  Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Thrash, Boogie, the rambling Blues. The inner ear got worked over, some intensity in my daydreaming soundvault abated. I am introvert. The first falling out would break my confidence, everyone falled out with eachother, all over the place. Around and about, everywhere was swag,self-destructive behaviour,  and violence. Learn to play an instrument and play in a band? Not likely.
It´s safe to say I was a poor fit with the misfits.
However enstranged, I cared.
From the feverish compositions, ghosts flying through me, – to another
place; did you know your soul has been places your mind will never guess or expect?
At sixteen I discovered Poetry. Dark,Erotic,Metaphysical,Religious,Heterodox.
Automatic writing. Beneath the superhighway of hormones and the flickering of
hope and doubt. Wide eyed. Metre and rhyme thrown out the window with force.
Entire epics doused with petrol and set alight. Whenever focused, a shaman would
sit down on his throne of fur and bone somewhere in the shadows.
Throwing sand in the eyes of the rulers, manipulators, dealers and wheelers.
Two years ago I began fiddling with Logic Express and a MIDI keyboard.
Slowly, as the learning curve flattened out, more or less whole compositions came
through and I had something to manipulate and cut into its own shapes.
Those shapes came together and erected new landscapes.
Sonically I am indeed fond of crafting sound and progressions from chaos.
Nuances, harmonies, melody from noise. The result is frankly electronic music
which is not easily fit into categories and genre.
The present repository of this is


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