Getting Started

I have finally given in to volunteering personal and priveleged
information on the web through the medium of the “blog” –
I am not yet sure what to use it for, even though my brother´s
example shows quite effectively how useful a blog can be.
The networking/interaction etc. aspect of blogging must
come later, I guess I will have to learn a bit about this
standard before anything “looks” and “sounds” right..

The One responsible for the existence of this completely
irrelevant piece of data on the worldwide information highway
is none other than….

my brilliant brother who inspired/taunted me into experimenting with this here blog thingy.

He has been, as usual, one step ahead of me in the
endeavour of realizing himself
through Technology.

…To think that
this fellow sat
hours behind my
Amiga1200, a
low bandwidth modem
– and “surfed” the
Bulletin Board
Systems of Southeastern Norway
…only 13 years ago.. We more or less discovered Information Technology together..ah, those were the days..etc.

Flash – most people will associate the word with “unfortunate weather phenomenon” or “indecent expousure” …or a mix between both..but it is really a standard in Internet “multimedia” (sic! Sound,Image,Text and Interactivity &c)..produced by Macromedia.
Jarle´s weblog is profoundly preoccupied with Flash and related technology/issues..