Ascension Day Celebration

On last thursday the Christian Community all over the world
commemorates the event of Christ´s ascent into heaven.
A theme like this provokes us in our contemporary orientation
– foremost because of the great investment of meaning and value
we have made, into the idiom of having our feet firmly
planted on the ground
. Yet, there is something in us which
is prone to be enthused about the idea of flying and
surpassing the fixations of our earthly existence. To seriously
embrace the holy day of the Ascension, demands more of us than a
wish to believe that the Gospel´s are correct, authorative or
true – it demands of us to inspect the Gnostic´s aspiration
as our own: to ascend beyond the boundaries of this fixation
and all its authorities, its why´s and wherefore´s – it´s
do´s and don´ts . If the earthly are absolved of its weight
in such a manner – that physical and moral gravity no longer
restrict its movement – it is truelly transliterated into that
which the mind holds heavenly and sublime.. and through that
glorious liberation, the breach between the two are conciled,
and to our vision´s eye are revealed a road less travelled,
a winding stair of existence towards unsurpassed glory and
fullness. So, at least I myself – see the event and image of
the Ascension of Christ – as a type for the reintegration of
all beings into one eternal communion with Divine Reality.

I will shortly be going to mass to commemorate that day, as
the fashion of the tradition is to celebrate such days on
the Sunday after.