Postscript for Pentecost

On Saturday we had Pentecost eve celebrations at our chapel of the Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia in Oslo, the Capella Santa Sophia. To me personally it was an extraordinary event, as the intensity of the presence of the Spirit in my life have waned and become compromised over the last few months. The event of the pentecost – the descent of the holy spirit in its fiery blaze upon the gathered disciples, all but lost to their own doubts and interior turmoil, occasions wonder and awe at the outrageous intervention Grace makes into the human life and the human “universe”… During this particular period of the Pentecost, which marks the conclusion of our progression through Easter, prefigured in the glorious Ascension – we held a vigil, through which three persons entered a new life in Gnostic baptism and Initiation.