Star Wars II

Yesterday I went to the movies with my brother, his wife and her daughter.

We saw Star Wars II.. forgot the title.. nevermind.Fortunately I am still

so childish (or gullible) to enjoy a good fable, but the well appears to

be drying out for George Lucas. Apparently there is a covert narrative of

events in the world the last few years..but is no kind of epic drama of

the soul.It was the so-called action bits which were the most rewarding….

But it was good to get out of the house and do something with

my brother and his folk for once…

2 thoughts on “Star Wars II

  1. It was nice to get out and see the movie, for sure. The title is “Star Wars II – Attack of the clones”, not sure why they would call it “Attack of the clones”, they weren’t that big a part of the movie.

    BTW: Next episode of Star Wars will be “Star Wars Episode III”, you can read about the plot here:

    It will be released on the 28th anniversary of the release of “Star Wars”. 🙂

  2. Thank you for correcting me.:-)

    The title is idiosynchratic, since

    we all would (prior to seeing the movie)

    think that the -clones- would -attack-

    well, the heroes/good guys…instead we have an

    attack of the droids..and then.. well,

    for anyone who have not seen the movie’

    I will probably ruin the plot…

    Star Wars fandom is a very dangerous field

    to trespass upon, it is better to plead

    total and unconditional ignorance than even

    enter into a debate of fact or fable (which

    sometimes are one and the same..).

    It is logical that another sequence is added

    to SWII on account of the huge mess that

    particular movie made of the entire “saga”…

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