Bruchion domain hijacked

It should not occur, especially since name/domain servers receive payment for their services – but it has happened, which were the former

address for the Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia, Bruchion Gnostic Center have had its content removed and replaced with a brasilian pron caper.

I am not aware what kind of agreement Jan had with the name domain server, but that agreement isn`t worth anything at all. I feel bad for all those who have bookmarked the former site, and now upon directing friends and acquiantances there – tada! gets directed to some kind of moneymaking scheme.

In fact, im not sure if this hasn`t been a hijacking, where hackers of the more nefarious kind – members of so-called conservative or fundamentalis congregations, decided to replace the Gnostic material for a more “cosmos-friendly” content….

Anyways, I decided to remove all direct links to the former address, and also the posts on this weblog which provided access there.

The new address for Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegiais

3 thoughts on “Bruchion domain hijacked

  1. I don’t know who the domain name was owned by before, but now the whois information from shows:

    Domain Name:




    BRASILIA DF 71735-050



    [email protected]


    Administrative Contact:

    Name: LEANDRO

    Last Name: BARBOSA

    There have been several cases lately where domain names have been hijacked. Either by Networksolutions or others messing up and making available domain names that shouldn’t have been made available.

  2. Thank you for looking it up,Jarle.

    I`ll ask Jan to contact those who provided

    him with the domain name, I will at the very

    least advice him not to go through with

    registering his other domain name with the

    same provider. I wonder if those soliciting

    such services have a legal responsibility to

    their “tenants”/clients. Since we spotted it

    so fast, and have alternatives, the “damage”

    werent as bad,but if for instance the domain

    name of a business were “taken over”, either

    because of the Provider`s fault or plain hacking (as was the case of a few years ago) – it could cost the Client dearly.

    BTW: I am very happy with my own domain, thank you very much. ;-D)

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