Alexandr Aleksandrovich Blok:Poet

When I turned 18,I was living at an adult boarding school studying practical writing

and painting… I had just began realizing that my worldview were remarkably alike

that of the Gnostics, and that in the muddle of it all, a personal incarnation of

Sophia, Divine Wisdom – were very important. Reading a lot, I discovered the

Russian Poet Alexandr Blok (1880-1921). He figured among the Symbolist circle

which often went under the name The Argonauts, “facing the wrong way” briefly before he began translating his visions into language which even the Marxists could

digest and accept (the cultural revolution/revisionism of the early 20th century Russia

were as intolerant for fancy as the Fascist regime of Mussolini and Hitlers Volkische

national socialism ..but Russia has always loved her bards, with tough love nonetheless)

..of course, after that, his colleagues in Europe could find it hard to find the red thread in his lyricism.. Mikhail Bulgakov, I feel, portrays the dilemma of Blok and his kin, pretty well in the form of the “Poet” in his fable The Master and Margarita.

His most known work in english is his Verses to The Beautiful Lady, which is dedicated to Sophia – yet also towards his wife, which is very much in the spirit of later Troubador mysticism, which touches ground with Sophianism and the Christian Gnosis as well.

Lynn Harvey at presents own translated excerpts from Blok`s Verses to the Beautiful Lady

At the Poems of Alexandr Blok homepage you can find other examples of his work.