Heathen Pilgrimage to Mecca

I have looked for this book since I found an excerpt from it on the net over a year

ago, after that 11.September occured and me and my neighbours are somewhat estranged

for being Christians and Moslems in the manner almost we as kids played

Cowboys and Indians. As some people who know me might have guessed, I have a

particular interest in the mysticism and advanced esoterism of Islam (which I got

quite a lot of criticism for calling “Blessed Islam”, but those who criticized me

for using that expression failed to see where I was going with my expression; namely,

for the Gnostic (in manner of Sufi “knower”/”lover” of God) – the submission inherent

in the term Islam is based on an insight and understanding whose true impulse is the

positive “Yea”, even into the controversies and contradictions of phenomenological

existence; a recognition whose response and impulse is the embrace. This is a deeper

“faith” which shares the power of attraction which Divine Grace and Mercy possess

inherently, so through this “loving knowledge” or enlightened compassion, Man

may participate in the restoration and creation which proceeds from the Will and

Mind of the Most Merciful One. With no recognition, only a dull fear, and with

resistance and a suspicion towards the One – no Gnosis may ever enlighten Man

either, because it lacks the dynamic potency of direct participation.) –

finding Richard Burton`s Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah and Meccah

on the Internet is quite a joy for me and I can`t wait to bury myself in his tale

of his covert entry into the forbidden and mysterious sanctuaries of the religion

we still know too little about in the Christian west…

The Gutenberg Project has made the work available in two volumes –

you can find them through these links: Volume I , Volume II