follow up on the Bruchion hijack

Yesterday Jan told me that the site which had replaced our contents

with our own had been closed down by the name-domain services

with which he had his agreement. Due to the stress put upon our

“reputation” by the incident it is unlikely the address will be used

in the future. Jan also informed me that he would get yet another address from the same provider…I take notice of his trust.

It also appears that the person presented as the owner of the

brasilian firm who took over for a brief period..

does not appear to exist. I wonder how many fall prey to this peculiar

kind of “domain hacking”, and even more I wonder why anyone would

care to indulge in it. I have earlier heard about anti-masonic schemes which

involved A) someone hacking a masonic information webpage B)

replacing the contents with illegal p*rn*graphy and C) announcing

to the world, including authorities, that the Masons were making money

on selling p*rn*graphy on the Internet… Now that several countries

and states appear to want to “control” content and services on the

Internet and initiate legal actions locally based on offseas content,

assassination of character and credibility appears to be very easy

to do… a worrying thought for anyone likely to be targeted by hate