More Gnostic Weblogs

I just recently discovered that the creator of the GFN,Reverend Illuminatus Maximus has a site-topic oriented weblog

Alex Guldbeck is a professional graphic designer who for the last four years have been hosting,moderating and producing an internet site named The Gnostic Friends Network under the name domain On and off we have had more or less pleasant and rewarding conversation for almost as long a period. Alex used to be quite active in the Usenet groups, something I suppose I left on the shelves already in 1997. I think I should admit that initially I werent too appreciative of what Alex were trying to do; to me the outputs and exhibits in his Metaphysical Freak Show represented ugly carricatures of the aesthetic I myself experienced in relation to Gnostic Myth. Eventually I suppose I have come half-way round in admitting that Myth address a very subjective mode of our thinking and feeling, and therefore whereas themes might be universal – their reception, their interpretation is quite specific.

I`ll be following his journal and see what impressions and thoughts he feels fit to vent on the rest of us…