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I have just finished reading Neil Gaiman`s childrens story Coraline . Since discovering Clive Barker`s The Thief of Always I have grown to expect more from my favourite authors, among which I count Neil Gaiman, than before..I began reading “adult literature” (I do not mean “adult” magazines) at 12 and became, I suspect, more and more preconceived concerning newer childrens literature.

Back to the story: Coraline moves to a new place with her parents,who – while they have chosen to be freelancers, being around all the time, nevertheless seems quite distracted from she gets to explore the flat, the garden and visit the strange neighbours. Readers will find that she will not be disappointed, the place isnt as boring as she suspects…but now she looses her parents, and her “other parents” wants to change her…

I recommend it..

Here`s a flash presentation of the story – Neil Gaiman`s Coraline at