Visit from Rev.Donna Owen

Last week we had another visitor from Hollywood..Rev.Donna Owen. It is wonderful that so many could visit us this autumn, for me rather than Revd.Jan Valentin Saether, it is the first time I have got the chance to meet our confraternity in America and get some impression of whats going on in the Ecclesia Gnostica. We got to hold two Masses together, one private of the original English liturgy, wherein I assisted Donna, the other with Jan as celebrant in Norwegian.

Donna is Commander of the Order of the Grail and were visiting Paris for the bicentennial of Louis Claude de Saint-Martin`s transition, which were organized by the studies organization GERME – it were my impression that this were quite the event gathering esoterists with interests in Saint-Martin and Martinism as well as dedicated Martinists from all over the world. She brought heartening news from the milieu to whose outermost perimeter, through my correspondences, forum participation and work as a Deacon for Ecclesia Gnostica ..belong.

During our communion Revd. Jan Valentin Saether kindly gave me a gift of a Pix, a box to carry preconsecrated hosts – part of the traditional paraphenalia belonging to the Deacon in the Sacramental Christian traditions, to which Ecclesia Gnostica most decidedly now I carry hosts..the tokens of Christ`s descent into matter,chaos,death..this world for the sake of …the soul, our Sophia whose life we partake of. It is really quite the reminder, I can really feel the weight of it.

I am most grateful, I just hope that I`ll be worthy to put it to use (it was designed to be a container for the sacrament so that the Deacon could bring it to those who are unable to attend mass at Church, such as old and sick people).