Way behind + some Thomas

Im way behind on this blog; naively I thought I could catch up with the anniversaries of many important events and persons in the story of

Gnosticism, Christian Mysticism, Hermeticism and all other particulars

of the Western Mystery Tradition. I`ll see if I can contribute something about

those persons and events eventually.

I am also way behind on my personal correspondence (per email), begging everyone pardon. please be patient with me…

One of those disquieting tendencies among enthusiasts about Gnosticism, early Christianity & all that western mystical jazz…is a certain absence of humour.

I hate to be the one to admit Im among the grinners rather than those devoted to the guffaw and the equal spreading of amusement. Or rather, im not the premeditated nor the impulsive (or compulsive) joker. I could blame my introvert personality, or perhaps my cultural heritage.

Strangely, Wisdom inspires tears of contrition and laughter of release.

If the comedian has a sensitivity for the absurd, as well as the simple within the complex – hiding itself in its own little game.. I suspect I appreciate his art nevertheless. I just can`t tolate desperation.. and needy, attention-craving, suffocating egos playing social charade, manipulating for kicks.

..So it was a joy to discover Brother Tom`s Book of Signs and Wonders at Jeremy`s Fantastic Planet Blog (one of the blogs I follow weekly for developements, He is seriously studying the Gospel of Thomas and shares his insights, impressions &c. not only from reading translations from the Coptic in english, but by conducting translation from Coptic himself)

it is a folksy version of the Gospel of Thomas.