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Photoshopping has all possible uses: during the Gulf War some medias used

semi-professional photoshoppers to doctor photo`s so they suited a propagandic purpouse.. even before Adobe`s invention of Photoshop we had a good share of examples, some of them entirely unconscious to the major populace: Have you heard the old saw about how chairman Krutschev took off his shoe and whacked on the table in protest at the UN general council during the Pig`s Bay Crisis? Yeah, everyone saw the photograph.. funny.. tihi.. yes, funny, but the photograph was and is no kind of proof whatsoever.. unless it is possible to verify the time and place and exact visual consistency of the scene depicted in it.. and then it only serves as a support of whatever additional evidence we have to back up an event… the picture was actually doctored, Krutschev made do with a gesture with his clenched fist. Hostile, but not funny/ironic.

By Contrast, I Found this through the Friday feature at – its

a very charming string of examples of creative, playful use of Photoshopology.