2nd Anniversary of this humble blog

Its been two years since I idly began writing in this blog… its not much

advertised and has a really humble readerships. Sometimes I wonder

if its just me and the web spam spiders … or something.

I had hoped I would have handled it differently, shared important things and

events, thoughts, discussions, facts and tidbits. Im not sure what this blog

owns up to. But it has engaged me throughout two full years.

3 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary of this humble blog

  1. I think you have found your niche.

    The problem isn’t the content, its that you are not letting other people interested in what you are writing about know about your blog. What you need to do is to let other well visited sites within your niche know that that you have some interesting articles here.

    Good luck with the future of your blog Terje, and happy anniversary! Time does fly.

  2. Your blog makes wonderful reading. I am glad you are here. A belated happy anniversary.

  3. Thank you, Kelly, it’s encouraging to get feedback from my readers. I hope you are doing well where you are.

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