I’m Engaged to the most wonderful girl in the world

…obviously she is to me, or else there wouldn’t be much of a point in it, would it? I think I have broken through another barrier in my life, but now I have got company. Which is strange to me. Intimidating, tiltilating, weird. It was an ordinary Tuesday and I was lost for other words to tell her, so I stumbled in my own thoughts, reached for her, drew her near, and asked her – and she said Yes. The rest is some kind of future, which I can neither predict nor guarantee, except that I’ll be there – every step of the way.

May, which is her name – and me, have stuck together for three years now, of which two have been a state of cohabitation and partnership in every day life as well as special moments, of which there are more than I can count.

It’s typical of me to attempt to explain some simple thing with too many words, for anyone left to hear them, sort through them, shift them for meaning, a lot of patience is neccessary – May has had patience, for which I am really grateful. But I know she knows how I feel about her.

We haven’t any concrete plans about when, how and where – but we have at least come around to sharing the intention and desire to get married.

So presently that is what I have got to say about it. I hope you all have had a wonderful summer, I am sure I have, even though there has been just a few bright hot sunny days in July.

2 thoughts on “I’m Engaged to the most wonderful girl in the world

  1. Congratulations Terje, you certain deserve! WHat a very lucky woman I would think. I also expect that you will enjoy being married, like you I NEVER thought it was something I would do and for years struggled on how to reconcile with my temperment but it really is a wonderful feeling to come home to a good woman and very rewarding too, especially if you share some sense of playfulness and humor together it really can change the color and cast of your entire existnce sometimes! Like sunshine on a cloudy day.

    ENough lest I go on too much – congrats again!


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