Stars above, Stars Below

Another quote, by Athanasius Kircher, a version of the well-known

Smaragdine “Axiom”:

“Heaven above, Heaven below;

Stars above, Stars below; all that is above thus below.”

A quick observation – From a Gnostic perspective, above and below

does not become absolute references with regards to location; it is

feasible to translate these references as “exterior” and “interior”


“Heaven without, Heaven within;

Stars without, Stars within; all that is without is thus within.”

In the Pistis Sophia, even – there is the Mystery Which Looks Within,

and the Mystery Which Looks Without; in the Gospel of Philip, there

is no allowance to go off speculating about the lower and higher Son

of Man (i.e. the always murmured christological position of somehow

a definite distinction between the two; who both appears in the scriptures,

and this Apocryphal, Gnostic work addresses itself beyond questioning

to those who are acquianted with the former); but rather one inner which

is revealed, made visible and accessible through the outermost and so forth.

If the Universe is “eternal” and “infinite” there is no absolute point of entry,

no definite shortage of “it”, whatever “it” is – and no definite conclusion to it;

as such, where are we standing and what are we doing when we stand and observe our own exteriority and compute its relationshipm with the exteriority of everything else; above a hell, below a heaven?