The Fravartis pt.1

Within the Mazdean cosmology one encounter a multitude of Celestials such as Ohrmazd and the Amahraspands.Every physical or moral entity, every complete being or group of beings belonging to the world of Light, including Ohrmazd – has its own Fravarti. In reverse of an occidental attitude -the “male” Celestials are referred to as being Yazata (Pers. Izad) which means “Adorable ones”, so the Fravarti of these are lovers/adorers.
Fravarti means “those who are chosen,” those who have in
themselves decided to fight in order to come to the help of Ohrmazd, the individual “Savior” of not only human souls, the worlds, the universes(dimensions) – but also of the angelic hosts and all the other Yazatas.
In short, one gets the impression they consist in a vast and complex Knighthood.The Fravartis are considered to be feminine, and sometimes depicted in the iconography of Persian and Parthian illuminated manuscripts of the Mazdean/Zervanite (2nd and 3rd generation
“Zoroastrianism” – beginning in the persian hellenistic area ca.
200 BC, ending at the time of continental dominance in the middle east of Islamic Sunnah orthodoxy ca. 900CE) tradition – as young girls. In comparison with the internal symbology of Dante Alighieri´s Divina Commedia – one is reminded of the character of the virgin Beatrice who meets the young Dante at the gate of a garden. The description the Poet and his later
“disciples” make of Beatrice is evocative of the character of
the Fravarti.