The Fravatis pt.2

The Kyrios Soter – the Lord Saviour – of the Zervanite Persian tradition, has three male and three female Archangels.

Ohrmazd along with his three male archangels are called “Yezatas“- each of these four are accorded a formal liturgy, a Yasna, and assigned a quarter of the liturgical year for observances.
Whereas the four male “Powers” of the Heptad are accorded especial attention and festivals,the three single female Archangels are considered as the consecrating “Powers” which oversee the liturgies and spiritualize the worshippers with gifts (like the Muses do in Greek and Roman formal and mystery religions).
The three “archetypes” or “ideal figures” of all the other Fravartis are

the following:

1. Spenta Armaiti (Isfandarmuz),

whose representative symbolical image is that of the

Earth, and who is sometimes referred to as “Image of

Wisdom”, and representation of a “Woman clothed with

2.Haarvata (meaning integrity, variant. Pers: Khurdad) – which is connected to the Waters, with her is

associated all kinds of aquatic images – she is possibly the

origin of the “Mermaid”.

3.Amertat (meaning immortality, variant Pers: Murdad) -connected to the plants, with her is associated all kinds of vegetative imagry.