The Fravartis pt.5

Henri Corbin:

“The filial relationship with

the Archangel Spenta Armaiti extends from the pre-existencial celestial “I” to that celestial “I” by and for whom She will engender the man. It is the consummation of a form of existence preluded in Heaven at the dramatic moment when the Fravartis accept to descend to the material Earth and there wage battle on the side

of the Powers of Light against all the human-faced demons. For the human soul, it is the moment of choosing to come to Earth and answer there for the Powers of Light, as the latter will answer for it post mortem..”

(TdB:reminding me of the persian legend of the Advocate.);
“Therefore the choice of the soul will also be its judge.Participating at each moment of the Aeon in the final work of the Saoshyants, each soul of light must fight for the Transfiguration of the Earth, for the expulsion of the demonic Powers from the Ohrmazdian creation..”
pp.37 of Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth.

Participatory eschatology is evident in near all the Gnoses east and west, this is what makes them controversial to certain Orthodoxies, who nevertheless cannot endorse their system of order by way of filiation and fealty, since the adherents of the former actually have fealty only to a pre-incarnation and manifestly interior Lordship.

However, the man of light and the Fravarti (in Pistis Sophia a

similar interior syzygy is referred to, as interchangeably – “power of Barbelo“(fem.) and “man of light/christ“(masc.))are each defenders of a world of light, obscured, yet through vision delineated, within the material realm of

existence.They represents a celestial and mortal Knighthood

against the “world of darkness”. As such, we find a definite “dualism” represented in this philosophy, and

also in the consideration of the role of the Fravarti.

But only so in reference to the intermediate condition of Man and Earth; neither of them are dark, or source of evil, rather – they can be thought of as besieged at all sides by the powers of darkness..A similar “militarism of the spirit” can be found in the apocryphal and apocalyptic material found at Qumran, the so-called Dead Sea Scrolls.