The Fravartis pt.6

Henry Corbin:

“The victory of the soul incarnated in terrestrial existence is measured by the degree of this restoration /transfiguration of the world and the expulsion of the powers of darkness from the existencial
sphere human,natural and angelic- restoring the
“paradisical purity”,that is, by the degree of the soul´s
Xvarnah (Light-of-glory, “substance of superessential
luminousity”), of its growth toward its celestial existence to
come, of it´s resurrection body, the substance of which, reciprocally, is made of that celestial Earth
which is its action and its work.”
pp.37 Spiritual
Body and Celestial Earth

This course is what Corbin´s book Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth – map through his writing as well as a compilation of several representative voices of the “tradition” – not the least among them being the “Oriental” Yahya Suhrawardi.
Here Man cannot help but be
implicated and responsible in the reintegration of being,
and a progressive “redemption” – his past obligates
him, his future beckons and begs him..