The Fravartis pt.7

Henri Corbin continues:

“For man to
undertake such a work,is primarely for his own being what
the Pahlavi texts call Spendarmatikih (an abstract
noun derived from Spendarmat, the Pahlavi form of the
name Spenta Armaiti), and which we can translate as
Sophianity, the Sophianic nature of Spenta Armaiti considered as Sophia (Plutarch translated the Pahlavi concept
thus)..By assuming this nature, the human being is then, in
the true sense, the son of the Angel of the Earth, and so able to have a mental vision of her. The soul then awakens also to consciousness of its celestial kinship.”

pp.37 Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth.
The Soul awakens to its function as co-redeemer – on each
of its side it has the host of Sophian and Christic angels (to translate it into western terms) – who ocillate between their functions; from unions into individual quests.Corbin here suggests the specific Xvarnah/Spendarmat relationship as one of Sophianity, which is interesting, since quite a lot of our “gnostisizing” and
mystical orienations actually encompass a recognition of the ensouled life as a specific compartment of human identity; this Sophianity presents Man with a duty ; first to become re-acquianted with his initial kinship, secondly to participate in the mystery of restoriation, which he already endeavoured, although at first
In other lore the Archangel Gabriel is consigned as both “Angel of the Earth” and “Angel of Mankind”; this dual image is what this concept of Sophianity contains. The sharing of predicament, on a deeper level – is also part of the plight of this “Knighthood of
” (especially described in Arthur Versluis: Theosophia:
The Hidden Dimensions of Christianity

I read an interview with Jose Saramago, the
Portuguese Nobel´s Literary Award winner of 98- where he
basically denied the existence of acollectively
verifyable and humanly normative”reality”; I do not
remember precisely what his argument where, but he would
need some kind of distance from so-called
“objectivity” even to be narrator/story-teller with good
conscience. He´s a contemporary disciple of Plato and quoted
the Republic quite a lot.A true poet needs to
believe that the soul needs liberation, he must truelly
be interested in how the cage feels and looks like
for the nightingale.. if he says “Oh, what a nice
song that bird produces”.. he belongs among the
spectators, not in blindfolded at the firing range, which is
the place of every true adventurer in life… In
this nightmare of counterfeits, produced of
convenience and the attempt to calm the mind, still the
senses and numb the is important to
remember why we ask questions about the veracity of any
thing or being or concept: it is because we need to
know the direct relevance of these things presented to
us. If we awake in the middle of that night which is
the world in its sleep, we must move beyond the
safehouse of the collective dream – and commune with
another reality. And why is that? We awoke because we
were touched..we were embraced..we were aroused by its
perfumes, moved by the beauty of its song.But then,
alas, we become lost to the world.. no more can we
become devalued,degraded and prostitute to its false