You are Axis Mundi

From the First Book of Ieu, Chapter 3

The living Jesus said : “Blessed is the man who has known these things. He has brought heaven down, he has lifted the earth and has sent it to heaven, and he has become the Midst for it is nothing.”
The apostles answered, saying : “Jesus , thou living one, Lord , interprete for us how we may bring heaven down, for we have followed thee in order that thou shouldst teach us the true light.”
The living Jesus answered and said : “The Word which existed in heaven before the earth came into existence – this which is called the world but you, when you know my Word, you will bring heaven down, and it will dwell in you. Heaven is the invisible Word of the Father; but when you know these things you will bring heaven down. As to sending the earth up to heaven, I will show you what it is , that you may know it : to send the earth to heaven is that he who hears the word of gnosis has ceased to have the understanding mind of man of earth, but has become a man of heaven. His understanding mind has ceased to be earthly, but it has become heavenly. Because of this you will be saved from the archon of this aeon, and he will become the Midst, because it is nothing.”
The living Jesus said again : “When you become heavenly you will become the Midst because it is nothing, for the .. . .. rulers and the wicked powers (exousiai) will you and they will envy you because you have known me, because I am not from the world, and I do not resemble the rulers and the powers (exousiai) and all the wicked ones. They do not come from me. And furthermore he who (is born) in the flesh of unrighteousness has no part in the Kingdom of my Father, and also he who know me according to the flesh has no hope Kingdom of God the Father.”

You are Axis Mundi. You are the centre of a myriad worlds. But who are you? When you have received knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven no geography tracing its contours over the entire universe can attract an undue attention, an admiration, an awe, a worshipful pose from you. No crafted image giving off the most beautiful lustre, swaddled in the delicate of forms does your thought any justice. No jumble of words, however well phrased, will satisfy your hearing or your reading. No answer will address itself to the question you have finally deared to ask, which is the entirety of the Fullness from the entirety of Fullness, no longer a similitude, but the most intimate and the most far-reaching of all questions, which lays waste all answers given by all preceeding generations. Your fathers are dust, your mothers are ashes, their forefathers a sentimental notion, no particle left. They are mist. If you look, you are apostate of the generations which came – where are your blood running off for now?

What a problem. The credo is consistent enough, “May I be one who assist in the transfiguration of the earth.” But what manner of work is this transfiguration? A Kosmos is and will always remain a confined term, it is confinement and limitation in itself – if the law of languages allows me or anyone else to say “All”, to say “Everything”, to say “God” and with those words, according to the limitation which is the only remaining witness, resistance, obstacle -cloud before the Pleroma, what prohibits our words to signify the nothing according to the flesh, which never was, and never is, and never will be more than a lifeless corpse. The Kosmos is a lie. It is not that which raises up. It is not that which gives substance to anything else. It is not some magnification of the gods of our forefathers into an absolute panentheistic democratic anemic divinity beyond theology, myth or philosophical abstraction. The Kosmos is the system, the everything of the insuffiencient grasp, the imperfect knowing, the miscomprehension, the failing glance,the mishearing.. hamareithia, Sin – Missing the target; intending without contact with that which intelligently intends, intelligently and authentically wills. The Gnostic understands he goes nowhere to seek refuge, sanctuary. He understands that while there are many places, there is no space hospitable, wide, beautiful enough for him to dwell, there is no day like today, there is no day like yesterday, there is no day like tomorrow. There are no travelling here, the paths have left horizontality, there are no maps. There are no landscapes for maps to portray. This is where it begins. You bring that which were before existence into existence, you shape it before and above the creation, the universe, the world, the universe, Cosmos.. Chaos, call it what you will. In this twilight, the unborn God is born.

Then the day which has no today, no yesterday and no tommorrow will die forever, not to have been – time folds upon itself to become an attempt to interrupt eternity, to silence consciousness, stop breath, arrest motion, still the pulse, which now, before the beginning of all beginnings, has failed and cease to be.

Gnosis is Holy Silence and a rest for every inquiry.