Congratulations to the Right Reverend Jordan Stratford, AJC

Upon logging on to the Internet today I came upon a post (with pictures) concerning the Consecration of my fellow brother in the Gnosis, Jordan Stratford, to the Priesthood. The consecration was

conducted by Most Reverend Bishop Mar Iohannes IV (Shaun McCann) of the Apostolic Johannite Church at the Parish of St.Joseph of Arimathea in Calgary, Alberta.

I know Jordan from way back (on the Internet), I have always thought he was a worthy sparring partner, a combination of intelligence, sincerity,humour and humility never goes wrong – even if you happen to disagree on quite a few things.

A quite essential feature of the Gnostic priestly ministry is a mediatory presence , the ability to step back and let the languageless powers which you have opened yourself up to may speak in and through you. In fact, to be two, three or a whole community, in communion, receiving the Holy Spirit and allow it movement. I do not know Jordan personally, but can attest and confirm that I have experienced him quite able to have a mediatory presence for others – which is to say, I know him to be someone who walks the walk, not only talk the talk. When I found out Jordan had chosen to contribute both to the little community of sincere “ecclesiastical gnostics” on the Internet, but also within the Gnostic Church, I became very happy even though I couldn’t quite articulate why; I suspect what it means to me now is that I happen to think the Apostolic Johannite Church, as one expression, one body of many, of the Gnostic and Universal Ekklesia – is quite fortunate to have receive Jordan amongst its own.

Pax Sophiae et Pleromae, Jordan – blessings and wellwishes on your journey. You are a Priest Forever after the fashion of Melchizedek.