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Reverend Scott is a Priest under Bishop Tau Ioannes Harmonius, John Cole – the Gnostic Church of Christianopolis, I found his blog which appears to be somewhat negelected recently and thought that it belonged in the blogroll vis a vis other gnostic bloggers.

I also found via Jeremy at Fantastic Planet that Revd.Illuminatus Maximus, creator of the Gnostic Friends Network webpage has made another go at blogging. A bit desolate presently, but I expect we will be seeing posts which intersect the interests of myself,Jeremy,Jesse at Homoplasmate and Tim Boucher’s Occult Investigator blog…

Third out is Bishop Shaun McCann, of the Apostolic Johannite Church, who has his own blog which discusses aspects of the sacramental ministry of the contemporary Gnostic Ekklesiae.

Lastly, I have added the Projet Guenon, due to the frequency of materials posted which should interest us gnostics there.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blogroll

  1. hey Terje, how are you! Yes I am making another stab at it – boy this CSS stuff is complicated though! LOL!

    How is your life going? I certainly hope all is well… I am married now and and a homeowner… very solidly bourgoisie!

    I will send you an email later, just wanted to “blogroll” you in the iterim


  2. Hey there,Maximus. Sure hope that bourgoise life of yours is doing okay as well. I am not bothered with CSS, but of course, as some IT consultancy spammers have commented, my blog looks like something the cat dragged in and repeatedly pounced.

    Jeremy, yeah, and they said it could not happen here. Seriously, I have no idea why there are so few who use the blogosphere – a lot of the discussion groups turn into dead air because people feel they cannot discuss certain “difficult” issues without it turning into a shouting match. Like this fellow Montanus in the comments around, you know, instead of trying to post dozens of links and whatnot, I’ll just save it up as a topic to blog. A Heresiarchs – the Usual Suspects topic or something like that. I’ve heard Arius is supposed to be a Gnostic as well, if anyone care to read Dimitrij Merejkowski’s Julian the Apostate (a novel), you’ll see what the “Arians” did to the Roman state, then tell me how the Empire had a holiday in 360 to 375CE under Constantinus.

    Sure good to see Max at large.

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